• Ergonomic handle
• Superior steering angle for excellent manoeuvrability


• Capacity
• Min. fork height
• Max. fork height
• Steering wheels
• Load roller polyurethane tandem
• Fork section
• Width overall forks
• Fork length


2500 kg
85 mm
200 mm
diam 82x93 mm
diam 82x70 mm
160 mm x 50 mm
540 mm
1150 mm
Kargo hand-pallet liftrucks AC25


• Built with the strongest steel and materials
• Robot-welded chassis designed for the toughest working conditions
• Electrostatic sprayed powder-coat paint for a higher quality and durability
• Pivots are mounted on auto-lubricated cushions or equiped with grease points


• Entry and exit rollers for easy handling of the diffrent pallet types (close, long or side-wards)
• Polyurethane load rollers and steer wheels for maximal silence, softness, and durability while avoiding marking the floor
• Dual load rollers enabling ground pressure reduction ans easy circulation on uneven floors with heavy loads
• Load rollers and steer wheel are mounted on dust ans water-proof bearings for increase reliability
• German- design high-quality lift pump made of stainless steel